Adam Hill

BMus(Hons), PGCE Music, PG Diploma (Software Development)


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I began programming in 1989 on my Atari ST using STOS, sparking an early interest which would lead to me taking Computer Science at A-Level in 1996. I would spend my break times in the library writing utiltiies and games for myself and the other students in VB4 and The Games Factory. From here the music side of my life took off and programming fell by the wayside, save for a small music analysis program I wrote during my degree studies. In 2006 I went self-employed as a musician and web developer, turning out simple CMS sites. My first “real” programming job was for BAE Systems in 2007 as an Analyst Programmer. Here I worked on large enterprise Oracle database systems and began my study towards an MSc in Software Development. Three years later joined a media agency so I could make the transition to UI development and object-oriented code, working mainly in C# with Silverlight, WPF & ASP.NET. Recently I joined Dootrix to work on mobile and enterprise software. Here I’m picking up Objective-C and C++, and making the change to true Agile and Test Driven Development.


I began composing in 1989 on my Atari ST, using Quartet. Ten years later I had my first film music commission and my composition became more serious. I embarked on my first major work, sine caritas (1999), an oratorio for orchestra, choir, soloists, narrators and electronics, which was performed twice by the Bay House orchestra and choir. Elements of this grew into a requiem which won me the title of Most Promising Composer at Portsmouth Music Festival. I was commissioned to write the Millenium Fanfare for the opening of Gosport’s Millenium Timespace landmark. Ideas from this piece eventually evolved into a brass quintet, Their Stubborn Hearts (2003). After leaving music college I wrote a jazz-dnb fusion piece, Prestidigitation (2005), for the jazz sextet 6pac for their album Last Minute Changes available on iTunes. In the same year I composed and produced the score to our Kung Fu spoof film, 36 Chambers of Inner Turmoil (2005).


I began playing trombone in 1989, and in 1999 went on to study Trombone at the Royal Northern College of Music under John Iveson, Andrew Berryman & Chris Houlding. There I had the opportunity to learn from many of the top players in the world, including Ian Bousfield, Joe Alessi, Christian Lindberg, Denis Wick and many others. I have played up and down the country professionally in all manner of ensembles.


I began playing the bass guitar in 1995, playing with anything from jazz groups and wind bands to heavy metal bands. I studied with Rob Milner in 1999. In 2003 I moved further North to play bass full time in the group Tau, which I had the pleasure of playing around the UK and America.